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Yoga Recycled Design

Client: Yoga Recycled, Inc.
Art Direction, Graphic Design, PHP Programming, MySQL Database Programming

One of the biggest web projects that I’ve ever taken on, the web site for the non-profit organization Yoga Recycled was a massive undertaking. The design portion of the site was simple. The general portions of the site are simple information pages with a straightforward design. It’s when you get into the backend database driven portions where things get more complicated. The site features functionality for general users to create accounts and register for yoga classes, for building owners to donate space for classes, for teachers to add potential classes to be taught, and a massive admin area for the staff of Yoga Recycled to manage and maintain the classes, teachers and locations. The site also features a calendaring system to show class schedules and reservation information or a user’s specific class schedule with classes they have reserved space in. Overall, the site is a highly MySQL backend driven site but keeps the functionality easy for the general users of the site. In the eight months since the site’s launch, there are over 500 unique users registered, a majority of them from strictly word-of-mouth advertising.