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Road Trip Logo

Client: In-N-Out Burger
Logo Development

In-N-Out Burger was in the process of reworking their website and, at the time, didn’t have functionality for showing the different In-N-Out locations. The idea was to create a concept that was more than just a set of points on a map. The idea of a “road trip” came up and was a unique implementation for the location finder. The web page would allow a user to do a generic search or put in a starting and ending point and the site would give driving directions and indicate all of the In-N-Out locations along the way. I was given the responsibility to come up with a logo for this new section of the website and played around with several ideas until I decided upon a take on street signs. Ultimately the Interstate sign version of the logo was pitched and it was used on the website and in various other places on In-N-Out advertising (like their printed version of the location list) for the better part of 15 years.