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Creative Edge Design/Build Rebranding

Client: Creative Edge Design/Build
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Branding

Creative Edge is a local construction company that was looking to rebrand after the merging of a couple of different partner’s business into one company. They were initially looking for a simple design to rebrand the combined company that would portray their varied construction backgrounds. Several ideas were explored, using the varied things that the company does, from roofing and window installation. After exploring some of those avenues, we decided to look at some simple concepts like the final logo design, the roofline of a house. Once the logo was nailed down, business cards, letterhead and envelopes were designed. Once we had an identity figure out, concepts to advertise the new branding were worked on.


This is the final result of the logo design process. The final design was a simple portrayal of the roofline of a house, stylized to make it a unique piece for the new company.


After getting some general ideas and concepts from the guys at Creative Edge, I went into getting a bunch of different ideas based on portraying the different pieces of the new business, incorporating things like windows, doors, tool and bricks. I also explored some more simple ideas like the roofline of a house. In the end, we decided to keep the design simple.



Once the logo was finalized, I moved on to the stationary side of the process. The main worry was getting business cards designed and printed in time for the upcoming home shows, so I started there. I initially designed several business card designs, playing around with orientations and colors. Ultimately they decided on a simple layout with the same blue style back side as the home show postcards (in my print section). Once the business cards were solidified, I designed some simple letterhead and envelopes.



The home shows are a vital part of Creative Edge’s marketing efforts, so some care was given to make sure the banners would give them the right impact. These are the two original pop-up banners that are free floating in the booth space. They show a before and after on two different properties that they completed, as well as the bullet points of all the different things that the company does.


The other banner was a large 10’x10′ banner designed for the back of the booth space. This was based on the postcard design, expanded from the small size of the postcard to work with the large banner format.


These are the final banners on display in the client’s booth at Salt Lake Home Show at South Towne Expo Center in Sandy, Utah.