Join us at the No-Cost Nationwide Real Estate Private Event


“Hi, my name is Tony Larson, Co-founder of Nationwide Real Estate. I would like to personally invite you to join me for private training and informational event in San Jose, Dec 1st from 6:30pm – 9:00pm at the San Jose Airport Garden Hotel.

If you have been looking to make money in Real Estate or are looking for great deals on Cash Flowing Properties then this event is for you. This event is a powerful opportunity for you to view wholesale properties in California and across the country. We are also currently looking for affiliates to work with in the San Jose and Bay Areas to fill positions needed to market our inventory.

As a Nationwide Real Estate Affiliate, you will own and run your own business; you will keep 100% of the profits from your efforts. We will provide the inventory, knowledge and money. You provide the time and dedication. You won’t need large amounts of money and great credit, but you will need a huge desire to succeed.

Click here for full details and location information.  I look forward to shaking your hand and meeting you in person.”

Tony Larson, Nationwide Real Estate